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March Update!


Hello parents and carers!



Buttercup have been exploring songs, sounds and weather, we are particularly excited when it comes to "Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter... Rainbow!" The buttercups have been trying out some super actions with this to create an awareness of the sounds. The Buttercup room have been developing gross & fine motor skills whilst engaging in this activity. We also developed lots of neural pathways creating lots of connections and awareness of words and sounds, Well done, Buttercup!



Daisy room have been loving exploring mark-making with lots of different materials like stamping, natural

objects and different paint rollers. We made some Mother’s Day cards also which the children also enjoyed doing as it was hand painting. They loved taking these home for mummy!


The children have also taken an interest in music recently and our musical instruments a lot more. The children love to pick the songs that we sing, and a few favourites of ours are “The Wheels on the Bus” and “The Freeze Party Dance Song”.


We are in the process of making a handprint display outside our room door which the children have loved. We are starting to focus on Easter activities and starting to do Easter activities within the room x


Snowdrop room have been super busy this month having lots of fun and learning lots of new things through play.


We have enjoyed exploring a range of activities this month. We love story time in the Snowdrop room so we replaced our old books with new ones. We can’t wait to read them! We have also been on local trips to the library for Bookbug sessions and also just to visit and explore the library environment and the books they have. The children loved this and as such we are going to continue these visits. We also have a little basket library for the kids to take a book home and return it once they have read it!


We have made some beautiful artwork that has been taken home and we have focused on Mother’s Day crafts at the art table, creating pictures and cards to take home for our mummies.


We chatted lots about and explored the garden to see the change that is happening with the weather. The children have started to notice the differences while in the garden and are always looking for changes and love to guess if it’s warm or cold outside each day.


We have been busy planting lots of flowers in our garden, and we have made a start on our sunflowers again to see if we can get them as amazing as they were last year.



We have had a busy few weeks here in the Bluebell room with lots of different kinds of learning going on. We recently had a bird-watching week where we learned all about different kinds of birds around our local environment using different books and technology. We have also been learning how birds build nests and have been giving this a go ourselves. We have some magpies building a nest in the tree within our garden so have been observing the progress of this and talking about it during our group times.


We are very excited about our upcoming curriculum evening and the children are helping us with our floor books so we can show you lots of pictures of what we get up to in the nursery and some of our lovely work relating to our learning. We will also soon be moving onto our Easter topic and have lots of exciting things planned for this time.


Important Updates

Just a quick reminder that we have uniforms available to order. Please feel free to order some if you’re interested. They can be found here:



Changes in Policies and Important Dates


We are hosting an open day on Sunday the 24th of March from 9:30am to 10:30am for anyone who wants to come in and see the nursery.


We are hosting a curriculum evening on Wednesday the 27th of March.


For all children, we are closed on Good Friday (29th March) and Easter Monday (1st April), and for our term-time children only we are closed from Good Friday and will reopen on the 9th of April. We look forward to hearing all about what you did on your break!


With parent’s evenings coming up, we would like to remind you that on the 10th and 11th of April, they will be taking place for Buttercup, Daisy and Snowdrop, and on the 22nd and 24th of April they will be taking place for Bluebell.


As the sun starts coming out more often, we would like to remind everyone about our policies regarding suncare. This policy will be in effect from March to October. We ask that you bring your child into nursery with weather-appropriate clothes (including a sunhat) as the rooms will plan on making more outings as the weather improves. We also ask that you put sun cream on your child before attending nursery. This will be topped up throughout the day and will be applied 30 minutes before an outing as per guidance. Please see the attached Sun Care Procedure for more information.


We have adopted a new approach to sleep times in the nursery and have amended our sleep procedure to fit the guidance of the Infant Pledge. Please find it attached.


Our Improvement Plan


We are committed to providing the highest quality childcare and early years education, helping ensure your child gets the best start in life.


We aim to:


- By attending Almond Park Nursery, we will support children to show kindness compassion and respect for others. To be considerate and thoughtful

- Develop enquiring minds and to challenge idea

- Offer a secure and stimulating environment where each child is valued as an individual

- Encourage positive attitudes and respect for other cultures and religions

- Work in partnership with parents

- Develop links with the local community

- Offer staff members the opportunity for further training and development


Yours faithfully,

The team at Almond Park Nursery





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